'The first thing you notice when visiting Jasmine House is
the normal family interchange between staff and residents.
It gives everything required, plus that little extra,
genuine care and mutual respect'.

Lynne Littler, June 2011

'Admission went smoothly and staff were happy to talk
over things that might be useful during the period of

P. McDonald, June 2011

'Since moving to Jasmine House we have seen a massive improvement in Mary. She’s happy, healthy and like a new
person. On behalf of the entire family we would like to
thank you for all you have done and continue to do for
Mary. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts'.

H. Simms, July 2011

'I have never seen James so healthy and happy'.

Jane Whalley, Community Nurse, January 2012

'The management and staff at Jasmine House are very
good, always available to discuss any problems or listen
to any suggestions, We can relax knowing that Anthony
is well cared for, so well done Jasmine House
management and staff'.

Gerry Doran, June 2011

'Michael is coming on leaps and bounds since
moving to Jasmine House. He is so happy'.

Ansel Nugent, November 2011

Jasmine House 30 Higher Lane Fazakerley Liverpool L9 9DJ Telephone: 0151 525 0876 Website: www.jadhealthcare.com

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